Agency & selection

Our mission at Winebridges is to look for wines with an excellent balance between price and quality. We have access to a wide network of wine makers from previous commercial and procurement experience and as Maître sommelier and WSET diploma Course student Patrick is well placed to select the best wines. We offer our expertise in selection to our customers in their search for suitable, surprising and delicious wines at the best price. As an agent we guide wine makers and wine estates in finding a suitable partner on the Belgian market.

New agencies

  • Corte Moschina

    Corte Moschina

    Italy, Veneto
    12 wines from our selection
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  • Domaine Bernard Ancely

    Domaine Bernard Ancely

    France, Languedoc
    2 wines from our selection
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  • Maison Chapuy

    Maison Chapuy

    France, Champagne
    3 wines from our selection
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